Tips to Optimize Landing Pages Which Get More Conversions!

optimize your landing page

Creating a landing page is easy but optimized it for sales for frustrated. because While you create a landing page you send traffic to it but doesn’t convert well it’s very frustrating. Many marketers give up to create and optimized landing page.

Why landing page is needed ?

Landing page is an overview of your product or service which you share with customers.In short landing page shows visibility of your product over a web. That’s why we need to create proper landing page of product or service which you sale.

To get more and more customers for your service landing page should optimized very well. While optimising you goals will be clear for which you should create a landing page Is it either create to get leads or sale? According to the goals your optimized should be done.

Here I explain 11 tips and tricks to get more conversions from your landing page to your product.

1. Plan Your Optimization Strategy

Landing page optimization which you will done. First plan it very well. And be clear with your landing page goal.

By visiting to your landing page customer should be satisfied. Then And then customer buy from you.
First plan your optimization strategy in advance e.g. which word you used in the landing which make visitor excited about your stuff, Which images and multimedia you used in landing page which make give customer value etc.. also of this should be planned before optimization.

2. Keep Simple Your Landing Page Design

Design is a very crucial part of landing page. Try to make it simple. You design should not irritated to visitor. Visitor should easily find that he want.
Try to avoid add more than five elements in starting of your landing page. You aim should be focus your website visitor attention on your product or service. For this you can use call to action buttons, some lines about your products.
Because more visual clutter shift visitor focus away from your products which doesn’t helps you much.

3. Use Contrast Color Combination

The best landing have ever use any color contrast which reflects clarity and feel.smooth to the visitors.
While optimizing the landing make sure to use color contrast in CTA buttons. Generally use orange, green and blue for this buttons.

4. Apply Limitation Technique

Just imagine if you sell something and tell people that its available for a limited period. Can people buy instantly or not?
Absolutely yes they instantly buy it. Because you create a scarcity main your customer that the product or service only for a limited time period.
For such type of optimization on landing page you can done with the embedding times and counter on your landing page.

5. Put Call to Action Button Simple

Make your call to action but simple. It doesn’t confusing to your audience.

Call to action should have more than 5 words and don’t try fancy fonts it’s should be readable to visitor.


“Get instant Access”
“Join here to download”
“Download your copy”
“Join Here”
“Buy Now”


6. Add Contact Details

Make sure while while creating a landing page don’t forget to add your contact details page. It shows legitimate impression on audience.
You can provide visitors with contact information through contact form, you can include your contact email in contact page. Also provide social links to contact. If you sufficient employee base then add help center or live chat with your consultant.

7. Try Different Headlines

People still reading text content such like a headlines. Just like videos and images world headlines are helps a lot. But How to find proper headlines?

It’s so simple to find the headlines which like stout audience moat you can do A/B testing to find
suitable one.

8. Be Consistent

While brand building visual presence matters a lot in conversion rates. Because of consistency you or your brand regularly comes contact with the audience.

For this try a facebook that takes people to the landing page. While creating a facebook ad try to add you brand mention this helps to build faith of your visitor.
Also try to keep your ad design similar to the landing page design. It works a lot.

9. Optimize Landing Page For SEO

People can find landing on search engine it’s done by optimizing landing page for SEO. you can drive traffic to your landing page all time.
Organic traffic from search engine is high converting audience here your conversion chance increase as much possible.
Here you rank for industry related keywords and Try to rank in top organic results. For organic rankings use tools like ubersuggest or semrush to find best performing keywords.

conversion rate

10. Try Exit Intent POP UPs

Exit intent pop ups works such hat when visitor want exit from website one pop up window open on browser.This technique is used as a “lead magnet” because pop up windows doesn’t do well of you want to find sells conversion from it.

If visitor exit from your site then Customer don’t have intent to buy right there. Here you can collect his email address through exit pop up and then follow them through email sequences.

11. Add Testimonials

Social proofs are the best marketing strategies to get highly rated conversions.If you want to convert visitors into customers. Then you need to win their believe on you.
Generally People refer to purchase from brands. You can show then your website testimonials and another customers feedback on your website.In example everyone knows about the amazon when You see the product on Amazon then at the bottom. After product description you can see the customers review. According to one survey 35 to 40% of amazon buyer buy the product after reading a review on Amazon.

Here add customer review section on landing page and always try to get feedback from them. You can approach customers to give feedback through emails after buy.

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